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NYLON ALLOYS WEBSITE - www.nylonalloys.co.uk


To create a website that allows trade customers to search the extensive product database by part number or keywords, or browse the site using thumbnail product images. Metric and Unified types have to be catered for. "Approximate" searches and dimension selection required for searches on certain types of washers. A shopping cart allows buyers to request quantities for quotation.

Nylon and Alloys is a global supplier of nylon, titanium and aluminium alloy fastenings and accessories to different industries.


  • Updateable product database
  • Dynamically created menu thumbnail images based on the product file types
  • Product thumbnails and large images uploaded via web browser
  • Special Offers and news system can be updated by Nylon Alloys staff
  • Specification table spread sheets loaded on demand for each product type
  • Variable search system included for washers based on specified tolerances
  • Mouse-over image option where products have different finishes e.g aluminium screws
  • Request for tender shopping cart software
  • Metric/Unified conversion pop-up calculator
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