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Classic England

"Classic England shopping mall" - the focal point for promoting British Products & Services"

We developed the Classic England shopping mall to promote the best of British goods and services and help promote our clients websites. There are 10 sections each linking to websites throughout Britain.



It is a collection of websites advertising and selling their products and services. The large shopping malls like Bluewater in Kent, Gateshead Metro Centre and Meadowhall, Sheffield have a variety of shops and other activities to attract shoppers.

Internet shopping malls perform a similar function in grouping websites into similar "shop fronts", providing a focal point for prospective customers.

Classic England Shopping Mall has an entrance screen which is registered on numerous Internet search databases. Visitors then select the sections they wish to browse and follow the signposts to sub-sections where British sites are linked. By clicking on the description the selected website homepage is displayed.

It also features an ever changing seasonal section which displays a relevant list of products.


Visitors will look up keywords and phrases on search databases and from the resulting list display your site. The mall increases the chances of your site being listed, as there are five ways that visitors can reach your site:

  1. Visitors either enter the mall entrance screen (the image at the top of this screen is from our mall entrance).
  2. They arrive at a mall section page. these are themselves registered globally
  3. They arrive at specialist pages within the mall which are registered globally e.g. British recipe page, What's New.
  4. They arrive at your site directly
  5. They arrive at another site in the mall and link back into the mall entrance or section


  • Each linked site draws visitors for other members
  • The mall itself is well publicised (having been featured on BBC TV & Radio)
  • The mall gets thousands of visitors each day and you could could be selling to them
  • The mall provides a focal point for all British Goods & Services


  • We will register it with search engines and directories worldwide, as well as specialist sites, however more and more of the popular searchengines (e.g. Yahoo, MSN) are now only guaranteeing entry if you pay. We recommend that when you put together your design budget you should also be thinking about a marketing budget.
  • The mall and its sections are registered globally
  • Your site is also linked with a descriptive text from appropriate mall sections


  • We have a track record in design & creation of websites
  • Our mall is already widely publicised
  • Our mall is a focal point for British goods and services
  • It is well registered in search engines world-wide
  • Our mall is linked in prominent sites such AOL Lifestyles, Boots handbag.com
  • We have complimentary services.
  • Our sites offer value for money.


  • Cost effective promotion and selling tool
  • Thousands of visitors already visit the mall
  • Benefit from other linked sites' reciprocal traffic
  • Benefit from publicity for the mall and its other sites
  • Multiple links within the mall increase visitor rates
  • Mall is dynamic
  • Special interest features increase traffic
  • Our competition creates traffic for featured members.


You can get your site listed FREE by including a link to Classic England on the home page of your website. Please click the link below and fill in the on-line form to submit a shop for consideration in the Classic England Shopping Mall.

Click here to submit your Shop

Please bear in mind that each shop is individually reviewed and the listing process can therefore take several weeks.

If you would like a Priority Listing in Classic England, Prices are as follows :

  1. To have a priority sub-category hypertext link to your site in Classic England is 25 GBP + VAT per year.
    (your link will also be listed in the main category listing).
  2. For an entry in our "What's New" section (includes image(s) from your site and 100 word description) is 25 GBP + VAT for two months.
  3. For a front page animated or static banner 50 GBP + VAT for a three month period.
  4. Sponsor the recipe section for 6 months 30 GBP + VAT (includes small image / logo for your site and a direct link into your site).

Our terms are cheque (raised against UK Bank) made payable to Paradigm Web Solutions Ltd with order and the links will be added to the Shopping Mall when we receive payment.

If you would like to have a priority listing in Classic England, please e-mail us here to submit your site.

  • We reserve the right to alter the description you submit.
  • We reserve the right to remove any listed shop without prior notice at our discretion should we feel it is no longer suitable for the directory.
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT submissions from Cyber Shopping Malls / Centres / Cities / Comparison Agents / Forums.
  • WE DO NOT ACCEPT submissions from shops selling illegal products of any type.
  • Shops must be UK operated shops / businesses with a UK address where products and / or services are available for purchase.



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Brits Abroad

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